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The label used for our award winning olive oil depicts ripening olives against a backdrop pencil sketch of magnificent Mount Roland.



Planted in 1999 the grove is now well established with 2 main varieties of trees. Picual, oil producing olives, and a variety known as California Queen developed as a table olive, especially for the pizza market. California Queen may also be used to produce a high-quality oil, though in lesser quantities than the Picual variety.

In the recent past Mount Roland View oils have won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards and the National Australian Olive Oil Association awards in Canberra and Adelaide.

The oil is a first-class example of the complex, full-flavoured, cool-climate olive oil associated with Tasmania. A rich green in colour the oil has a nose which reminds of long summer days and the smell of new mown grass. The taste develops from an initial grassy flavour with a mild-bitterness, through fruity flavours before exploding in a peppery after-taste at the back of the throat.

Ideal on its own, with bread or as a dressing Mount Roland View Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in anti-oxidants, an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fats yet low in harmful free fatty acids, making it an ideal part of any healthy diet.

$15 per 250ml bottle plus postage and packaging

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